Welcome to the home of SHADE

A collaborative building effort between Arizona State University and the University of New Mexico

Some of the Team

  • Alia Taqi

    Alia Taqi is the Primary Student Contact and Media/PR Manager for Team ASUNM. She has been involved with the project from the very beginning and will be seeing it through along with her teammates. Alia is currently involved in the SHADE home's interior and lighting design, but also has assisted the design at the conceptual level, worked on architectural specifications and managed communication between members. She is also working on the teams marketing strategies and educational outreach. She is a graduate student at Arizona State University pursing her MArch and MSBE degrees.

  • Jody Washington

    Jody Washington is the Co-Project Manager for Team ASUNM. From the beginning, she has been involved with the design of SHADE house and works towards the overall success of the project. She endeavors to pursue alternative, ecological practices in residential design and is currently working toward a Master’s in Architecture at Arizona State University.

  • John Cribbs

    John Cribbs is the Architectural Manager for Team ASUNM's SHADE project. He is also part of the Construction group. He has been heavily involved with SHADE since its beginning in March of 2012. He is currently overseeing Construction Documentation and is involved with creating early mock-ups of some of the architectural components of the design. He is interested in residential design and the relationship between the home, its user, and the surrounding environment. John is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Architecture at ASU. He will be graduating in May but will continue with the project through the summer as well as the the duration of the competition in October.

Team ASUNM is building a campaign using SHADE

SHADE is a Solar Home that Adapts for Desert Equilibrium