Our Mission

Our mission

A house that grows with you

In the American Southwest, only those species most adapted to our extreme desert climate can thrive. Yet our suburban sprawl throughout the region leaves behind an ecologically destructive landscape of blistering asphalt, resource-intensive housing, manicured lawns and now-dry river beds.

Team ASUNM – a collaboration across the vibrant Southwest – is building a campaign, highlighted by an inviting residence, to educate our communities on and stimulate a new direction for affordable, adaptable, solar-powered homes that root themselves in our suburban landscape, fostering sustainable growth of both family and ecosystem.

We take inspiration from the mighty saguaro cactus, a plant which has evolved highly specialized mechanisms for life in the desert. Like the saguaro, we are developing with minimal resources, conserving water and energy, adapting size and function to meet needs, adjusting to drastic diurnal and seasonal temperature swings, and reducing impact on the immediate environment while anchoring a fragile, long-sustained, ever-growing community of desert dwellers.

How do we do that?

  • Harness the power of students
  • Convert sunlight into energy
  • Demonstrate sustainable solutions
  • Design a home that can model a combined affordable, sustainable approach