SHADE is an 800 sq.ft. home that celebrates its unique equilibrium with the living environment. It takes advantage of the ecosystems by sitting within the landscape creating micro-climates. The home engages indoor and outdoor spaces through its use of multiple patios and generous southern patio that extends the living space of the home. The flexible space adapts instantaneously to any special demand. Set in the typical southwestern suburbia, SHADE is an adaptable home that is innovative by using solar panels and water storing utilities. That supplies the fun lifestyle of the home through technologies and flexible spaces.


The notion of modularity was developed while wanting to address a similar condition of infill
lots in the Phoenix and Albuquerque. The home adapts to the growth with the occupants.
Therefore, modules that could be plugged onto the home as needed were developed. Two
modules were designed to make constructability easier and affordability realistic. The modules
are prefabricated and later attached at a single seam which houses the connections and panel
controls for the radiant system.


The home is adaptable, self-sustaining, and it has the ability to act as a neighborhood gathering
place. The flex-space, which is a large living room, can be turned into a bedroom at night and an
office during the day. This provides versatility in the occupants living accommodations if there
was to be a “change of plans”. The flex-space not only transforms the living room, but it also
continues into the dining room. That space can be converted to an extension of the living room,
or be able to seat 8 guests at the long dining table which can be stored away for more space.
Flexibility is embodied on the inside of SHADE but also on the exterior decking that surrounds
the house. The southern wall which faces the kitchen, can open up to the outside extending the
living space into nature. It is not only adding square footage but engaging with the neighbors.


The home is meant to adapt to the environment surrounding it. SHADE is located in the
Southwest part of the United States. Designed for the Phoenix Sonoran Desert environment,
it evokes similar characteristics which can be applied to the New Mexican Chihuahua Desert.
Set in a lush desert landscape, SHADE interacts with it through its versatile deck space
and “operable” walls which opens up the space to the environment.