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For the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2013, Arizona State University and The University of New Mexico designed a house that celebrates its unique equilibrium with the desert environment. SHADE (Solar Homes Adapting for Desert Equilibrium) is intended to grow and adapt with its users by creating microclimates that mediate between the landscape and [...]

Quiet on the Set!

The house is almost complete which means it is time for us to shoot some video for our video walk-through. After weeks of hard work on site in the hot sun, the team has begun to install fixtures and the furniture inside SHADE. A lot has happened in the last 2 weeks: Drywall was finished [...]

SHADE Through the Eyes of John Cribbs

John Cribbs, the Architectural Manager for SHADE, has taken a series of astounding photos throughout the construction process. Just goes to show how beautiful construction can be…with a little help from Instagram. Click on the link to see all of these images on our Facebook page. Thank you John for letting us post these.

Last Few Weeks - Major Updates

Last Few Weeks – Major Updates

Weeks June 24 – July 8 The last few weeks have been eventful. During this week the PCM (phase change material) mats were installed on the ceiling.  Thanks to the generous donation from Phase Change Solutions, we now have a home that can provide the thermal lag to counter balance any temperature swings that occur within [...]

Sealing up SHADE

June 24, 2012 The past week was all about sealing up the SHADE home inside and out. Thanks to Banker Insulation our walls, roof and floor (underneath the modules) are all sealed up and free from air leaks. Of course we had to stay clear from the soy based spray foam insulation, but we were [...]

Sprays, Windows, and UNM Architecture School Visit

June 16, 2013 This passed week was a busy week for Team ASUNM. The week began with spraying the moisture barrier and weatherproofing on the house. The job was done well and in a short amount of time. That left us the rest of the week free for a lot more work to be done [...]

Progress – Moving out of the Shade…

  This week was an interesting week at ACT. A couple of adjustments were made to the plumbing and a framed shower pan was made by a couple of the students to save costs.  The shower head was selected and now we can have a concealed connection seamlessly designed with the bamboo shower planks. Students, [...]

SHADE’s Rough-in Week

Last week was rough – in week.  The SHADE home completed their electrical wiring and outlet/switch install, copper pipe plumbing lines, and Beka mainlines, and the mechanical equipment was installed last week. Our generous mechanical, electrical and plumbing contractors and some students came on site to install the equipment needed for the mechanics of the [...]

Video of the Mechanical Module Being Moved at ACT!

Video of the North Module Being Moved at ACT!

On Saturday morning the crew at Accelerated Construction Technologies moved the modules out into the yard so that they can receive the elastomeric membrane coating for waterproofing purposes on Monday. The next post will also show the Mechanical module being moved.