Integrating design and function

Team ASUNM collaborates with ASU’s Design School and UNM’s School of Architecture and Planning to incorporate all aspects of architecture:

  • Landscape architecture
  • Interior design
  • Visual communication and design
  • Housing and community development

The ASUNM house is a living lab focused on sustainable building principles, sustainable resource usage, energy generation, energy management, and education of next generation students.

The overall goal of the ASUNM house is to incorporate as many sustainable practices as practical, and conduct an on-going, long-term energy flow monitoring and analysis.

Ultimately, homes constructed in alignment with Team ASUNM’s model, SHADE, will be built with active older couples in mind.

Ideal Location

Future ASUNM houses would be located primarily in suburban or rural areas. In urban areas, the homes would be located outside the proximity of sky-scrapers to prevent shadowing. In suburban or rural areas, the houses could be designed with a larger garden.

Solar Design
SHADE’s architecture includes the integration of PV panels tilted at a stationary angle that properly positions the panels for optimized solar gain. Tilted PV panels are better than flat-mounted panels because they collect more solar rays.

Interior Design
The Interior Design Team, headquartered at ASU, creates a pleasant living environment for the target demographic. Both aesthetic and functional considerations are taken into account during the initial design process. A functional home office offers an additional sustainability feature by providing a resource for telecommuting to work.

The lighting of the home maximizes the admittance of high quality daytime sunlight by using smart light-guiding techniques. Use of high efficiency, LED electrical lighting ensures that dynamic and customizable light settings are available throughout the home to accommodate occupancy, mood, and other preferences.

The convertible, transformable space of the carport can be studied as space for further expansion of the home, office, or possible production area.