What is SHADE all about?

SHADE is about educating our local (Phoenix-Albuquerque) residents about a more harmonious, and sustainable way of living. From the beginning, Team ASUNM has dedicated the time, and through sponsorship support, have been able to  share their technological and design innovations with fellow students and future professionals.


Our Team Goals

Team ASUNM is a diverse team with people from all around the world. This multicultural team has not only reached out to their respective locals (Tempe- Arizona and Albuquerque – New Mexico) but also across Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Our team members speak several different languages and have backgrounds in architecture, engineering, solar technologies, construction and communications.

The team’s goal is to reach out to educate the community and the public on sustainable design and the thought process behind creating a sustainable home. Throughout the beginning process of the design, the team decided on a few key issues that had to be addressed: harnessing the sun’s power (being in the southwest), conserving water as it’s a limited resource in Arizona, embracing the desert environment and living with it (shade and its importance in the desert).

Team ASUNM has been working with our local elementary schools to teach the student not only how SHADE came to be, but how to live a sustainable, energy-efficient life. ASUNM has a strong presence in the local energy community and has participated in conferences and forums. Our diverse team had attended the Greenbuild Conference in San Franscico, The Future of Energy forum at the Arizona Science Center, Modular Home Builders Conference, and there is many more to come. The team has been actively engaging with the local companies that will supply the team with resources and materials. ASUNM toured the companies and went behind scenes to see how the products we will use are manufactured. People have been extremely generous with their time and we are excited to have more of that in the coming future.

Keep in eye out for us in the local media! We are coming up with many more great events.