Educating and mastering

Team ASUNM is committed to executing an overall well-planned, calculated, and managed program that will immerse students in knowledge of solar technologies and teach them practical management skills necessary for the work force.

Beginning with analysis, our team has already started developing and suggesting preliminary technical (and electrical) solutions that will need to be implemented using existing tools or, in some cases, new tools will be developed.

Test houses and test beds are designed to reflect specific energy and/or cultural aspects of southwest areas. The Solar Decathlon house will be built through separate student workshop courses (SWC) at each campus and a combined summer research experience for undergraduates (REU) at ASU.

Project Goals
The goals for this student design challenge are to:

  • Design and implement Building-Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) systems;
  • Develop a monitoring system for individual BIPV;
  • Develop a DC-based wiring infrastructure for the house;
  • Demonstrate Net-Zero energy consumption;
  • Demonstrate the cost-efficiency of a Net-Zero energy building;
  • Complete 3-year monitoring of power generation from the roof of the house and measure electrical and thermal power consumption by occupants;
  • Calculate 3 year life-cycle operating costs of the house to provide validation for sustainable building and BIPV materials; and,
  • Calculate 3 year life-cycle cost benefits analysis between AC-only or AC-DC electrical infrastructure inside a residential house.