Why support ASUNM?

Invest in success
Competitive advantages take many forms.  Whether it is funds to attract and reward the best and brightest students and faculty through the summer work sessions, advice from home-builders and designers, or materials from suppliers, Team ASUNM will excel with a broad base of support.

Critical issues require champions
The solar decathlon competition draws thousands of visitors because it encourages the public to contemplate sustainable solutions to daily life.  The houses illustrate the nexus of the challenges of sustainability – energy consumption for a growing population, economic prosperity and home ownership, environmental conservation and construction materials, cultural norms and esthetics.  Engaging the public in a broader conversation requires significant resources.

Our future depends on it
Solar energy may be the future but the decathlon is really a student-powered project. Engaging students in the complex technical, social, and economic issues around sustainable housing is a unique learning opportunity for those directly involved in the project. The house will become the physical representation of the impact of collective action, leadership, creativity, team work, and project management.

Join a winning team!
For more information on specific sponsorship opportunities, contact:

Rob Kubisiak
ASU Foundation Director of Development

Mary Wolford
UNM School of Engineering Senior Director of Development

Jan Bandrofchak
UNM School of Architecture and Planing Development Officer